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Take Control and Grow: How Levolk Can Help Your Business Thrive?

Feeling bogged down by daily tasks? Levolk is your one-stop solution for business management, freeing you to focus on what matters most - growing your business.
How can We help you

We deliver revenue generating solutions.

Administration & Operations

Streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and free up your time for strategic thinking. ok


Gain insights into your financial health with clear bookkeeping, budgeting, and reporting. ok

Sales Management

Develop winning sales strategies, automate tasks, and close more deals. ok

What we offer

Elevating Your Business with Strategic Solutions

Levolk specializes in providing tailored business solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and drive sustainable growth for organizations.

Administration & Operations

LeVolk excels in meticulous pre-accounting and precise billing, ensuring financial operations efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Administration & Operations

Streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and free up your time for strategic thinking.

Marketing Management

Elevate your brand's presence with LeVolk's Marketing Administration service. From strategic planning to seamless execution, we optimize marketing efforts for impactful and sustained success.

Marketing Management

Craft a data-driven marketing plan to reach new customers and boost brand awareness.

Sales Management

LeVolk is a leader in Commercial Management, skillfully steering strategic initiatives and optimizing sales channels to propel businesses towards prosperity and success.

Sales Management

Develop winning sales strategies, automate tasks, and close more deals.

Personal Training (for Gyms & Fitness Studios)

Streamline your schedules, efficiently manage memberships, and empower client success with tailored fitness plans. Enhance your facility's operations and maximize client satisfaction today.

Personal Training (for Gyms & Fitness Studios)

Optimize schedules, manage memberships, and facilitate client success.

Growth Services

At Levolk, our Growth Services drive your business forward with tailored strategies, innovative solutions, and measurable results, unlocking your full potential for success.

Growth Services

Develop a clear roadmap to achieve your business goals, focusing on scalability and long-term success.


Unlock the potential with LeVolk's Strategic Financial Planning and Precise Analysis. Our dedicated financial experts guide success, ensuring informed decisions and optimized financial strategies for thriving businesses.


Gain insights into your financial health with clear bookkeeping, budgeting, and reporting.

Budget Management

At Levolk, our budget management expertise ensures optimized financial strategies, empowering your business for sustainable growth and success.

Budget Management

Create realistic budgets, track expenses effectively, and make informed financial decisions.
Why Choose Us

We are here for always give you satisfaction.

We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction at all times, providing reliable and exceptional service consistently.

Leading a Team of 500+ Management Experts.

At the helm of a 500+ strong team of management experts, we lead with expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

Dashboard access for optimizing, measuring, and reporting.

Elevate your strategy with dashboard access, providing optimization tools, precise measurements, and detailed reporting.

In-depth analysis of your business goals, industry, and competitors.

Gain a competitive edge through our comprehensive analysis, dissecting your business goals, industry nuances, and competitor strategies.

Specialized support from experts who are taking care of your business’ demands and strategies

Expert care for your business demands and strategies - our specialized support ensures tailored solutions for sustained success.

Strategic Solutions for Business Expansion and management of daily activities

We are strategic problem-solvers stand out as hands-on managers in administrative,  commercial our marketing solutions.

Administrative Management

Levolk's strategic administrative management ensures streamlined operations, fostering efficiency and innovation. Embracing it is a pivotal step for any company poised for sustainable growth and success.

Commercial Management

Levolk's commercial management epitomizes strategic prowess, optimizing sales channels and maximizing revenue streams. Embracing this approach is a transformative leap for any business seeking enhanced market presence and profitability.

Marketing Management

Levolk's marketing administration seamlessly integrates creativity and data-driven strategies, positioning brands for market dominance. Embracing this approach is a strategic move for companies aspiring to elevate their visibility and forge lasting connections with their target audience.

Creative solutions deliver profits to your business.

Unlock your business potential with our proven administrative and commercial expertise.Our strategic solutions are tailored to propel your business to new heights. 


Unleashing the Potential of success


Embark on a journey of discovery with Levolk, uncovering untapped potentials and market insights to fuel your business's growth and resilience.


Strategize for success with Levolk's dynamic planning, ensuring your business navigating challenges and capitalize on opportunities with precision and foresight.


Execute your vision seamlessly with Levolk's expert implementation strategies, turning plans into reality and propelling your business towards operational excellence.

Analysis & Optimization

Elevate performance through rigorous analysis and optimization, as Levolk fine-tunes strategies, ensuring your business operates at its peak efficiency in an ever-evolving market.

Our Value

Elevate Your Business with Levolk - Shaping Futures, Powering Success.

Levolk transforms businesses into success stories, shaping a brighter future through strategic insights and powerful operational excellence.


We are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service, ensuring precision, innovation, and quality in all administrative and commercial solutions we provide.


Building lasting partnerships is at the core of Levolk. We collaborate closely with our clients, understanding their unique needs, and working together to achieve mutual success.


Embracing innovation, we continually seek new and effective ways to enhance business processes. At Levolk, we thrive on creative solutions that drive growth and set industry benchmarks.

Who we are

We deliver revenue generating solutions.

Established in 2007, Levolk specializes in administrative, sales, and marketing management.

Our commitment to quality and customization has been a cornerstone of our operations, reflected in our dedication to serving a select clientele.

Operating in Brazil / Europe,  and proficiently in four languages—English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish—we offer versatile solutions to address a diverse array of demands.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for your business, ensuring that your unique needs are met with precision and excellence.

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